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Scientific foundation of cognitive processing

Theoretical basis for psychological analysis is laid by a dissertation on opinion mining and lexical affect sensing (for detailed information see here). This dissertation explores means of scrutinizing emotions in natural-language texts, for example, in weblogs, dialogs, product reviews or movie reviews.

Theoretical basis for sociological and cultural analysis is laid by a book on social simulation (for detailed information see here). This book elaborates on means for analysis of interaction between humans of different cultures and introduces a robust tool for rapid prototyping of intercultural applications. See also Company overview on YouTube.

Statistical processing and rapid prototyping

Using findings in the data mining, we composed SocioFramework, a framework for experimentation and rapid prototyping utilized for setting up classification experiments.

SocioFramework is designed as modality-, domain- and language-independent and can be used, for example, in discourse analysis, in neurobiological processing, forensics, sociolinguistics, in computer games, in analysis of social interaction. See also Company overview on YouTube